From Tacos to Noodles: Explore the Rebrand of Momos ’N Wok

Hey there foodies!

Do you live around Brampton and Mississauga? If so, you probably have heard of Momos ’N Tacos – a popular restaurant that has been serving a fusion of Nepalese and Mexican cuisine.

However, things have changed. We have recently rebranded ourselves as ‘Momos ’N Wok’, a restaurant that primarily focuses on Nepali Momos and Hakka Asian Cuisine.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the rebranding process and how the new name and menu reflect the changes we’ve made.

If you’re a fan of exotic flavours and tasty treats, keep reading!

You Spoke and We Listened!

Let’s face it! As a restaurant, we need to listen to what our customers want. And our customers spoke loud and clear – they demanded Hakka cuisine, specifically hakka noodles over tacos. We knew we had to listen and make some changes to our menu to better serve our customers.

Even though our Nepali momos were a hit, we realized that we needed to expand our offerings to provide a wider variety of Hakka cuisine. As a result, we rebranded ourselves as an authentic Nepali and Hakka restaurant, leveraging the success of our momos while also catering to the demands of our customers.

The Rebranding Process

Rebranding is never easy, but thus far, we have managed to do it smoothly. We began the rebranding process by first establishing a new name and logo that better expressed the changing direction of the restaurant. We then revised the menu, introducing new Nepali and Hakka cuisine, and then moved on to renovating the decor to create a more pleasant ambience. All these changes took some time, but the result was a restaurant that looked and felt like a brand-new place. We have also made sure to communicate the rebranding process to our loyal customers, both online and in-person. This has definitely helped to create a buzz and attract new customers.

How does the new name and menu reflect the changes made?

The new name, Momos ’N Wok, perfectly reflects the restaurant’s focus on Nepali momos and Hakka cuisine. The word “momos” is a nod to the restaurant’s popular Nepali dumplings, while “wok” is a tribute paid to the trusty cooking utensil where most of the dishes are made in. The menu has also undergone a major transformation. Some of the new dishes include Fried Rice, Noodles, Non-Vegetarian Appetizers, Vegetarian Appetizers, soups and more!

However, the real stars of the menu are the momos. They come in various fillings, such as chicken, and vegetables and also in different styles such as; chilli momos, jhol (soup) momos, fried momos, steamed momos, tandoori momos and sandheko momos. And let’s not forget the dipping sauces, which add an extra punch of flavour to every bite. The new menu not only satisfies cravings for exotic flavours but also offers a unique experience that sets Momos ’N Wok apart from its competitors.

So, there you have it, foodies! The rebranding of Momos ’N Wok was a risk that paid off. By specializing in Nepali momos and Hakka cuisine, we’ve built a niche place for ourselves in the culinary industry.

Although a bold move, the rebranding process was a success, thanks to the new name, menu, and stylish decor. So, if you’re in Brampton, Mississauga and the surrounding and looking for something unique and delicious, come to Momos ’N Wok and try our incredible momos and Hakka dishes.

You won’t be disappointed!

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